High-quality microwave sterilization equipment for anise

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Star anise is also known as anise, star anise, anised. It is a kind of seasoning in kitchen. It belongs to Magnoliaceae, Illicium, evergreen trees, mature fruits of Illicium verum, generally arranged into 8-9 petals. Each petal contains one seed, which is usually brown-red. The star anise fruit is a famous spice and is also used medicinally. Peel, seed and leaf contain aromatic oil, which is an important raw material for cosmetics, sweet wine, beer and food industry.

In the process of making anise, the final drying and sterilization is needed. The high quality microwave sterilization equipment of anise is the drying sterilization equipment specially developed by our company for anise、pepper and other raw materials.

Microwave anise sterilizing equipment can make food fungi, insects and other microorganisms lose permissible range after microwave treatment, thus prolonging its shelf life. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid heating and sterilization, while the non-thermal effect uses protein and physiological active substances in microorganisms to mutate and lose vitality or death. Therefore, the microwave sterilization temperature is lower than the Traditional methods. Generally, the Traditional methods sterilization temperature should be 120 – 130 C for about an hour, while the microwave sterilization temperature only needs 70 – 105 C for about 90 – 180 seconds.

Characteristics of high-quality microwave sterilization equipment for anise:

  1. The anise dried by microwave  dryer has bright color, uniform sterilization and good effect.
  2. The microwave anise sterilizing equipment uses electricity without fuel or pipeline. The whole production process has no pollutants discharged and can be used for a long time at ease.
  3. The microwave drying equipment of anise has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, short time and high efficiency, which is suitable for batch continuous drying and sterilization production.
  4. Drying is uniform, sterilization is comprehensive, sterilization is carried out at the same time, the unique characteristics of microwave drying equipment, such as penetration, reflection and absorption, determine that microwave drying sterilization is carried out at the same time inside and outside, and there will be no uneven phenomenon.
  5. Energy-saving, microwave drying sterilization, without heat transfer, is the direct effect of microwave on materials to produce thermal and biological effects, compared with other ways of drying sterilization energy-saving more than 30%.
  6. The microwave drying and sterilizer for large materials has the advantages of simple operation, high automation and low technical requirement for personnel. It only needs 1-2 people to realize automatic production.

Technical parameters of high-quality anise microwave sterilization equipment

product specification High-quality anise microwave sterilization equipment
Input power supply Three-phase-five-wires380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave output power 20kW(Adjusted)
microwave frequency 2450MHz±50Hz
rated power input ≤32kVA
Height of feed and  Discharge 50mm
Width of transmission belt 750mm
transmission speed 0.1~5m/min
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 8640mm×1510mm×2200mm
Work environment -5~45℃、  Relative humidity ≤80%
Standards for microwave leakage Complying with GB 10436-1989 Hygienic Standard for Microwave Radiation in Workplaces

Microwave anise drying and sterilizing equipment adopts unique microwave source and its control technology to ensure that the microwave source system works continuously and steadily in all kinds of complex environments for a long time, and adopts a special microwave transmission system according to the standard to feed the material evenly, to ensure that the material is dried evenly and effectively avoid the phenomenon of local temperature overheating of the material.

Microwave is a kind of high frequency electromagnetic wave, which can be used as energy. Water molecule in food is polar molecule. Under the action of microwave, water molecule rotates accordingly. Such high-speed rotation results in intense friction and collision between molecules, which generates heat and makes materials heated and dried. Therefore, microwave heating is a kind of medium heating, which is the simultaneous heating of material inside and outside, which is different from the conventional heating of microwave drying equipment heating.