Microwave sterilization equipment for rice wine

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The so-called yellow rice wine is one of the oldest wines in the world. The quality of yeast starter determines the quality of wine. Only in China, it is known as the world’s three ancient wines with beer and wine. Rice, millet and millet are used as raw materials in rice wine. The alcohol content of rice wine is 14%-20%. It belongs to low-alcohol brewing wine. Yellow rice wine is rich in nutrients, contains 21 kinds of amino acids, including several unknown amino acids, and the human body can not synthesize by itself must rely on food intake of eight essential amino acids yellow wine have, so it is known as “liquid cake”.

Microwave rice wine sterilization equipment can be used for sterilization of bottled or bulk rice wine, or for sterilization of Erguotou and beer.

In the existing technology, the sterilization method of yellow rice wine is generally thermal sterilization. The first method is to sterilize and cool yellow rice wine after bottling for about 5-10 minutes at a temperature above 80 degrees C. The second method is to sterilize rice wine at a temperature above 110 degrees C for more than 10 seconds (instantaneous sterilization) before filling, and then to fill it after cooling for more than 60 degrees C. The first method generally has a sterilization temperature of 110 C or above. After sterilization, it is cooled to 60 C or above, and then filled. It requires strict sanitary control in the filling process. It requires thorough disinfection of pipes, bottles, bottle caps, air, etc. with high investment cost, high use cost and difficult management. The second method needs to be heated sequentially in the spray heating sterilizing equipment after filling rice wine. It usually lasts for about 5-20 minutes after reaching 80 degrees C, and then gradually cooled. The equipment consumes a lot of energy. If the steam produced by coal-fired boiler is used as heat source, the carbon emission will be larger and the environment will be polluted. If the steam produced by burning natural gas or oil is used as heat source, the cost will be too high. In short, at present, microwave sterilization equipment for rice wine is an energy-saving, environmental protection, economic and safe sterilization method.


The main characteristics of microwave rice wine sterilization equipment are as follows:

  1. The microwave sterilizer for liquor does not need antisepsis at all. No mildew will occur during long-term storage. No loss of nutrition will occur and the original color, fragrance and taste will be maintained.
  2. Microwave sterilization saves 50% of sterilization time and 40% of electricity compared with other dryingequipment.
  3. No industrial wastewater, no pollution to the environment, in line with the national environmental protection requirements.
  4. Microwave can also accelerate the ripening and brewing of liquor, reducing the storage time of cellar for 3-6 months every time catalyzed.
  5. Microwave sterilizing equipment is small in size and occupies less space, and has fast sterilizing speed. Maintenance and operation are the ideal sterilizing equipment at present.
  6. The automatic adjustment of rice wine microwave equipment does not require professional supervision and is easy to operate.

Technical parameters of fruit wine sterilization microwave equipment are detailed:

Product Specification: Microwave Rice Wine Sterilization Equipment
Whole machine power 45KW
Microwave powe 30KW
Dimension of equipment (length x width x height) 12800×1362×1700mm
The width of Conveyor belt 750mm
Sterilization temperature 80-120(Adjusted)
Sterilization mode Microwave + Ultraviolet
Microwave Leakage Standard Meets the national standard GB10436-89 (national Standard < 5mw/cm2)

The sterilization equipment for rice wine is easy to operate, high yield, green environmental protection, fast sterilization, uniform sterilization, good controllability, and can work continuously for 24 hours. Yellow rice wine microwave sterilizer is a professional sterilizing machine with environmental protection, energy saving, economy, safety and stability. Its production process has low cost of disinfection, little difficulty in management, and will not produce secondary pollution. With the improvement of quality of life, microwave rice wine sterilization equipment has a wide space for development in the further market. Our company takes industrial microwave equipment as the core, specially designs and manufactures the whole microwave drying microwave sterilization production line equipment. The characteristics of high automation and fast thermal efficiency of microwave equipment are sought after by the majority of enterprises.