Sterilization equipment for pickled pepper and chicken claw

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Speaking of the production of gourmet food, there are a lot of tricks. Whether it is preserved eggs or chicken feet, delicious food can be sought after by people. Pickled pepper and chicken claw is a unique folk food originating in Chongqing, which belongs to Sichuan snacks. Nowadays, it is very popular with people. It tastes hot and sour, has the fragrance of phloem and flesh, and has the effect of appetizing and promoting blood circulation.

Because of its popularity, it is also concerned about whether the sterilization and sterilization of pickled pepper and chicken claw is reasonable, clean and healthy. The pickled pepper and chicken claw sterilization equipment is specially used for food sterilization. Through the microwave sterilization equipment, chicken claw and other meat products can solve many health and safety problems of meat products, such as excessive microorganisms, disorderly preservatives and short shelf life.

At present, the bactericidal industry of pickled pepper and chicken claw has gradually found the advantages of microwave pickled pepper and chicken claw bactericidal equipment. The sterilization equipment of pickled pepper and chicken claw is made of 304 stainless steel, double-layer insulation of sheet metal cover, high temperature sterilization and full automatic tracked sterilization, automatic control. Meat products enter the cooling tank after coming out of the sterilization line, quickly reduce the temperature of products, automatic cooling and air-drying, and can be packed directly after air-drying.

The difference between pickled pepper and chicken claw sterilization equipment and traditional sterilization:

For the sterilization of pickled pepper claws, the traditional pasteurization and water bath sterilization take too long, and will cause serious damage to the appearance of pickled pepper claws. Moreover, the operation process of ultraviolet sterilization and its complexity require extremely high working environment. The microwave chicken claw sterilizer is a physical sterilization method through microwave sterilization. It does not need any additives to remove harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and insect eggs, and in the process of sterilization, there will be no residue of any substances in food, nor will it cause pollution to the environment. It is a truly green, safe and harmless microwave sterilization equipment for food that preserves the color, fragrance and nutrients of food.

The special sterilization equipment for pickled pepper and chicken claw is developed and designed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign prototypes. With the advantages of circulating warm water preheating, circulating hot water sterilizing, supplying bottled water bath bus sterilizer, circulating warm water pre-cooling, spraying cooling with cooling water, four-stage treatment, automatic sterilization temperature control, stepless adjustable sterilization time, etc., it can be widely used in various bottled liquid sterilization and other beverage juices.

Technical parameters of pickled pepper and chicken claw sterilization equipment are detailed:

Product SpecificationSterilization equipment for pickled pepper and chicken claw
Input power supplyThree-phase five-wire 380V+10%50Hz+1%
Microwave output power30kW (adjustable)
Microwave Frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Input power45KW
Sterilization efficiencyAbout 350-400 kg/h
Equipment (length * width * height)12360 * 1265 * 1700mm (customized according to actual site requirements)
Microwave LeakageComplying with National GB10436-89 Standard <5mw/cm2 Complying with GB5226 Electrical Safety Standard

The microwave sterilization equipment of pickled pepper and chicken claw is the direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as food and bacteria. Through the combined action of thermal effect and biological effect, it can achieve the function of rapid heating and sterilization of bacteria. The treatment time is greatly shortened. The sterilization effect of various materials is generally 3-5 minutes, which can make chicken claw prolong shelf life without using preservatives. As microwave sterilization equipment is superior to traditional food processing methods, microwave sterilization technology has attracted more and more attention, and has been widely used in food industry. It is a rare food sterilization equipment.