Tunnel microwave bamboo chopsticks drying sterilization equipment

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Bamboo chopsticks are slender sticks used to pick up food and are used as tableware. Chopsticks are the quintessence of China. They are unique among the tableware of all countries in the world. They are “oriental civilization”. Bamboo chopsticks are made from bamboo, but because bamboo itself has high water content and is easy to deteriorate, some food additives are often used in the processing. However, excessive use of additives will lead to excessive microbial indicators and residual indicators of chopsticks, which will bring harm to consumers’ health.

Therefore, the production and sterilization of bamboo chopsticks have always been the focus of attention of consumers and importing countries. In order to solve this problem reasonably, our company developed a new type of sterilization equipment – tunnel microwave bamboo chopsticks drying sterilization equipment with microwave technology.

Microwave bamboo chopsticks drying sterilizing equipment is through microwave technology bamboo chopsticks inside and outside simultaneously heating sterilization. It has the advantages of short drying time, fast heating speed, energy saving and high production efficiency.

Characteristics of tunnel microwave bamboo chopsticks drying and sterilization equipment:

  1. Microwave drying sterilization equipment has short drying time, strong fragrance, uniformity and bright color.
  2. Selective heating. Because water molecules absorb microwave best, the part with high water content absorbs more microwave power than the part with low water content. This is the characteristic of selective heating, which can be used to achieve rapid, uniform heating and uniform drying.
  3. The direction of water and gas in drying and dehydration is from inside to outside, so microwave dryer has expansion effect, which is helpful for subsequent comminution.
  4. Microwave drying and sterilization equipment is a green environmental protection equipment, energy-saving and efficient. Microwave acts directly on the material, without other intermediate conversion links, so there is no additional heat loss. The air in the furnace and the corresponding container will not heat, so the thermal efficiency is very high and the production environment is improved significantly. Compared with far-infrared heating, it can save 30% electricity.
  5. Easy to control and advanced technology. Compared with conventional methods, the device is on-demand, without thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation, and the microwave power and transmission speed can be adjusted. In microwave heating drying and sterilization, there is no waste water, no waste gas and so on. It is a safe and harmless high-tech. Improve product quality and bring economic benefits. Moreover, the working environment of microwave drying sterilization equipment is low in temperature and low in noise, which greatly improves the working conditions and saves the occupied area.
  6. Low temperature sterilization keeps nutrient composition and traditional flavor. Microwave sterilization equipment can achieve the required sterilization effect at a lower temperature and in a shorter time compared with conventional thermal sterilization. Practice shows that the general sterilization temperature can reach the effect at 75 ~ 80 C. In addition, microwave treatment of food can retain more nutrients, color, fragrance, taste, shape and other flavors, and has puffing effect.

Technical parameters of tunnel microwave bamboo chopsticks drying and sterilization equipment:

Name Bamboo Chopsticks Drying and Sterilizing Equipment
Input power supply three-phase five-wire 380V + 10% 50Hz + 1%
Microwave output power 20 kW (adjustable)
Microwave Frequency 2450MHz±50Hz
Rated input power ≤30kVA
The width of feeding and discharge hole 50mm
The width of Conveyor belt 650mm
Transmission speed 0.1~5m/min
overall dimension 9290×1310×1668mm
Working condition 0~40℃、 Relative humidity ≤80%
Standards of microwave leakage Mets the hygienic standard of microwave radiation in workplace GB 10436-1989


Compared with conventional heating and drying methods, microwave drying technology has incomparable advantages. Microwave technology is an advanced means of processing food, which is fashionable, convenient, fast and very hygienic in recent years. Especially in the processing of baked food, because microwave technology can properly control the “fire” in each processing link, so that the yield of baked food is greatly improved, compared with traditional technology, it has irresistible advantages, so the application prospect of microwave technology is very broad.